njfreqflyer fell in love with kuronama (Japanese black beer) on a trip to Japan, and now thinks that Asahi’s version is the best beer in the world. It boasts “a rich depth and a slightly nutty, roasted flavor,” says njfreqflyer, while al_starr loves its “caramel smooth taste.”

It’s distributed in the United States, though it seems to be easier to find on the West Coast than the East Coast. bulavinaka has spotted a six-pack of it in a 99 Ranch Market for $11.99: It was “by far one of the more expensive beers there, I’m guessing because it’s one of the few Japanese beers still brewed in Japan and exported all the way over here.”

If you’re craving kuronama and can’t find it, TongoRad recommends trying any beer brewed in the schwarzbier style. “Samuel Adams Black Lager is a pretty respectable version of the style,” he says, and adds that it’s also easy to find and affordable. And JessKidden recommends Yuengling Porter as another easy-to-find substitute.

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