Taron Bakery in Glendale is Armenian heaven, says mrshankly. It serves “the best, and I mean the BEST Spinach and Cheese beoregs I’ve ever had since my aunt used to make them growing up.” Lahmajun—Armenian pizza—is also really tasty. When it’s hot out of the oven, it’s incredible, says glutton. The shop sometimes has delicious freshly baked tahini bread as well.

Lahmajun is 90 cents per piece. Beoregs, which are about half the size of a dinner plate, are $1.50, and come with a variety of stuffings. The service was “dry and abrasive but the food made up for that many times over,” says mrshankly. “Order quickly, find a quiet place, and pig out on the Armenian goodness!!!”

lil mikey really likes the Hollywood branch of Taron Bakery, though it’s slightly more expensive than the Glendale branch.

Taron Bakery [San Fernando Valley–East]
1117 South Glendale Avenue, Glendale

Taron Bakery [East of Hollywood]
4950 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles

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