Hound-worthy Mexican bites have turned up outside the Mexican Consulate, appropriately enough. A vendor stakes out a spot in front of the building on E. 39th Street and hawks tamales (pork, chicken, or cheese) and various hot and cold beverages from early morning at least till lunch hour. Good stuff, hounds say. Don’t go too late—she’s been known to sell out of the tamales by early afternoon.

Ten blocks north and a bit west, a Korean vendor peddles barbecued meats over rice from a silver cart. The standout on the short menu is addictively tasty kalbi (short rib, also known as galbi)—“laced with crack,” ventures cimui, “or at least I think that’s why I’ve been eating it every day.” Also on the rotating menu: bulgogi (grilled beef), bibimbap (mixed rice), and other items. For $6, don’t expect quality on a par with the top barbecue houses, cimui adds, “but if you’re a midtown office gnome like me, the galbi is a good bet for lunch.”

Tamale vendor [Murray Hill]
In front of the Mexican Consulate, 27 E. 39th Street (between Park and Madison avenues), Manhattan
No phone available

Bulgogi and kimchi cart [Midtown]
W. 49th Street just west of Sixth Avenue, Manhattan
No phone available

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The galbi at the bulgogi and kimchee cart on 49th, west of B’way is laced with crack!

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