Napoleon Bonaparte is famed for saying that “an army marches on its stomach.” Keeping that in mind, the once great French dictator would be as pleased as punch to see what French troops are eating on the front lines: pork rice and pineapple, cassoulet, venison pâté, fish soup, fruit nougat, caramels, chocolate, and vanilla rice pudding, among other items.

A recent and fantastic New York Times photo project lets readers go inside the military rations for 14 of the nearly 50 countries fighting in Afghanistan, including Denmark, Poland, South Korea, Italy, and Australia.

Nominees for least delicious: Lithuania (stewed mystery meat with grain cereal sauce), Ukraine (canned beef, herrings in oil, barley porridge with beef), and Canada (a dodgy-looking Swiss steak and Cup-o-Soup tomatoes, plus Chips Ahoy! for dessert.) Still, beats fighting the Taliban on an empty stomach.

Image source: Flickr member nukeit1 under Creative Commons

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