El Sinaloense Restaurant is “a well-heeled haven for deliciously authentic Sinaloan cuisine that left me all but speechless,” says degustateur, who enjoyed both the best menudo and the best tamales of his life.

The menudo is a menudo blanco, made with tripe, tendon, pata, and the minimum of hominy, simmered together in a rich, savory broth. “This was menudo of the gods, redolent with the taste of fresh pork and possessing an uncommon depth of flavor entirely worthy of my highest accolades,” says degustateur.

Tamales aren’t on the menu, but look behind the counter for some large plastic containers. They’re made with pork, red chile, and a bit of zucchini and potato, and they are “otherworldly good … perfect size and proportion, perfect masa and perfectly moist and tender,” says degustateur. The spiciness and flavor permeate every tiny bit of masa. They’re rustic, they’re made with pride, and they are seriously stunning, says degustateur.

El Sinaloense Restaurant [South LA]
7601 State Street, Huntington Park

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