Omusubi are Japanese rice balls, and you can get delightful ones made to order at Sunny Blue. They’re around $2 each, and they’re lovely: Miso beef omusubi are nicely meat-flavored, and spicy salmon omusubi have excellent shredded salmon with spicy mayo. “The ratio of filling to rice to crunchy bite of nori is just about perfect for my tastes, and most importantly she makes each one from scratch right in front of you so the seaweed is still crisp when you get it,” says jdwdeville. If you’re not going to eat them immediately, she’ll give you the nori separately, to keep it crunchy.

The place is wonderful, agrees hrhboo. “Everything tastes very fresh and is made to order. I’ve gotten some to go for the beach and the nori is wrapped in an extremely convenient plastic pouch that you open from the middle without disturbing the bundle of rice and filling.” It’s a pretty minimal place: no inside seating, a few stools outside. But it’s totally charming.

Sunny Blue [Westside – Beaches]
2728 Main Street, Santa Monica

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