If you’re like me, you ate a boatload of watermelon over the Fourth of July weekend. Hot weather and festive celebrations seem to demand we consume lots of the big green-and-red cucurbits. But be careful—those melons might be having some … unintended effects.

Remember that episode of Seinfeld where George’s impotence clears up after eating an especially delicous mango? According to the Associated Press, watermelon contains an ingredient, citrulline, that can mimic the effects of Viagra.

Of course, the caveat is that you would need to eat, like, six cups of watermelon to get the desired result, bringing on possible complications from the melon’s diuretic nature and the large load of sugar the body would need to process.

Still, there are lots of ways to experiment with increased watermelon intake. What goes better with sex than booze? Or you could opt for elegant with this salad, which made everyone’s top summer dish list last year. Or blend your six cups of melon down to a manageable size with this refreshing cooler.

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