The same family that brought you the Mandalay in San Francisco has outdone itself with Mingalaba, the new Burmese restaurant in Burlingame. “This version of lap pat dok [tea leaf salad] is superior to any I’ve tasted recently at Burma Superstar, B Star Bar, or Larkin Express Deli; each component is a bright burst of flavor,” says Cynsa.

If you go at lunchtime, several hounds recommend ordering from the regular dinner menu (just ask for it), which has more varied and rewarding Burmese choices, while a lot of the entrées on the lunch menu come off like boring quasi-Chinese dishes. However, Cynsa notes that judicious application of the dry chile powder and chile sauce transformed a rather “one-dimensional” Burmese curry lamb into something more layered, and that the curry sauce was “heavenly” with coconut rice.

Palatha, the Burmese version of paratha or roti, is good here, while a dish of Burmese-style pan-fried string beans was a surprise hit with several hounds, thanks to what JasmineG describes as the “amazing flavor and texture” of the paste it was cooked in, made with dried shrimp, chile, garlic, and pickled vegetables.

The house special noodles with coconut chicken, yellow pea powder, and onion get a flavor jolt from wisps of kaffir lime leaf, says JasmineG.

Mingalaba [Peninsula]
1213 Burlingame Avenue, Burlingame

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