“I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed a chocolate company as much since XOX opened,” says rworange of the Xocolate Bar in Berkeley. “It has that same small, personal feel … and the chocolate is very good … and I didn’t feel ripped off by the price as I do most places.”

The kalamata olive–flavored dark chocolate is “really different and wonderful,” says nicedragonboy, and rworange likes its combination of “salty caramel-like ganache and pronounced olive flavor.” The “Aztec Amor” is also good, continues rworange, with mild heat from chile guajillo, plus cinnamon and organic orange zest. Other flavors on offer include cardamom, lemon ginger, and white chocolate with pomegranate filling, says nicedragonboy, and there are also quite a few vegan chocolates available.

There’s also a changing selection of about eight gelatos made off-site with Strauss milk, says rworange. Their texture needs some work, reckons David Carlson, but the salted caramel flavor is awesome, and goes great with the chocolate gelato. He adds that his wife loved the sipping chocolate, which was very rich but “not sweet enough” for his own tastes.

The Xocolate Bar [East Bay]
1709 Solano Avenue, Berkeley

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The Xocolate Bar–opening soon on Solano Ave.

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