When folks think of Alexander’s Steakhouse, they usually think of, well, steak. Kobe steak, maybe. But not ramen. Surprise! “Chef Stout and [partner] J. C. Chen love noodles of every kind,” says Melanie Wong. “Stout inherited his Japanese mom’s palate and Chen’s dad was a noodle-pulling Shandong chef.” The two are longtime ramen lovers, and now they’ve put ramen on the lunch menu at the Cupertino Alexander’s location.

Although Alexander’s is a pretty fancy steakhouse, lunch is in the more casual lounge, and the offerings also include meaty sandwiches and fancy cocktails.

The Alexander’s broth is “cloudy with emulsified fat and collagen, meaty rich, and gravy-thick,” says Melanie. The miso broth, on the other hand, is “rather monotonal.” No word on the third version, spicy broth.

Not surprisingly for a temple of meat, the toppings really shine. Beef short rib is fantastic, Melanie says. “So succulent, velvety in the mouth and exploding with beefy richness from careful searing and braising of the fatty cut.” But the roasted pork belly is even better. “Tender, well-seasoned meat striated with sweet firmish fat was punched up even more by the flavor contributed by the well-browned crust and some last-minute grilling.” Melanie says it’s the best piece of char siu she’s come across on a bowl of ramen. Grilled shrimp are fresh and sweet, with great texture, but risk getting overcharred.

Portions are generous to a fault, but along with the quality of the food and service, the $10 to $12 ramen brings luxury within reach.

Alexander’s Steakhouse [South Bay]
10330 N. Wolfe Road, Cupertino

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