Chow-chow is a chunky, pickled vegetable relish, full of things like corn, beans, and chopped peppers. Passadumkeg recommends Wos-Wit brand chow-chow, made on a farm in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. “I love all their products, have cases of ’em in the cellar,” says Passadumkeg. “Pretty authentic Pennsylvania Dutch stuff, especially for a family named Secovich!” ChrisOC likes the chow-chow made by Kettle Kitchen Village.

Chow-chow is a fixture of Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine, but it’s been spotted by Chowhounds as far afield as Houston. “I had it on pasties from Michigan,” says choctastic. “I liked the chow-chow better than the pasties, by far.”

SoulFoodie eats it on beans, greens, and cornbread, while alkapal likes it with hot dogs, tuna salad, deviled eggs, ham sandwiches, and pita bread with hummus.

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