He shoots bacon bits out of one hand, grease out of another, and uses his “Meat Vision” to battle evil Fry Guy (with help from his friend Sergeant Sausage). There’s a new superhero in town: Bacon Boy!

Bacon Boy is the work of Austin Winters, a Hermiston, Oregon, 10-year-old who is battling leukemia in a Portland hospital. He made up the foodie superhero while recovering from a bone marrow transplant.

Bacon Boy might have remained one of Austin’s imaginary friends if it hadn’t been for painter Frank Etxanix, executive director of the Children’s Healing Art Project, who secretly entered Austin’s creation in an art contest. The foodie superhero was chosen by the Tacoma Museum of Glass, which has created a glass version of Austin’s vision for its permanent collection of kids’ art.

The glass rendition of Bacon Boy was crafted by artists at the Elements Glass art studio in Portland, with Austin and his family looking on. And just to make sure they were staying true to spirit, the artists had a pound of bacon sizzling on a glass furnace as they worked.

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