An order of garlic chicken at Jook N Fun is a whole chicken, albeit a small one. And it’s a mere $8. You order, wait twenty minutes, then receive a plate of hacked up, scalding hot, garlicky, tender poultry, with gloriously crisp skin. A bit of maltose makes for a satisfying crust and adds a touch of sweetness that goes nicely with the deep-fried garlic bits. The chicken may be chopped a bit sloppily, but it’s completely delicious, says Melanie Wong. A good accompaniment is their dry sauteed string beans.

Also good: claypot rice with preserved meat. Claypot rice is a pot filled with rice and topped with the meat or vegetable of your choice. The meat seeps down into the rice as the claypots cooks, flavoring everything as the rice crisps up on the bottom of the pot. Jook N Fun’s claypot is a little undercooked by some claypot standards; you may want to ask for the claypot rice to be cooked a little longer than usual if you want that crusty bottom.

Not so good: chow fun, and everything in their wonton noodle soup except the actual wontons themselves (which, unlike the broth and noodles, are good).

See a picture of their garlic fried chicken.

Jook N Fun [Sunset]
1920 Irving St., between 20th and 21st Sts., San Francisco

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