It’s so stupid it may just work. British public councils, as part of an unending quest to nanny the public into better health and overall enlightenment, have stepped in at the local chip shop to help reduce sodium consumption.

The plan, as reported by the Daily Mail:
replace existing 17-hole salt shakers with a five-hole model.

[The Gateshead Council] decided that the five-hole pots would reduce the amount of salt being used by more than 60 per cent yet give a ‘visually acceptable sprinkling’ that would satisfy the customer.

The council commissioned Drywite Ltd — a catering equipment company based in the West Midlands — to make five-hole shakers and bought 1,000 of them at a cost of £2,000, giving them away to fast-food outlets in their areas.

It actually makes a certain amount of sense: It’s not as though everyone salts to a perfect, precise level, tasting and retasting; generally, you just put the shaker over your food and give it a hearty go.

Commenters, of course, were a wee bit skeptical.

I’ll let these brain dead morons into a secret. If it ain’t salty enough, just shake for longer and add more. P.S. Where’s the firing squad?

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