Multiple Chowhounds of good repute assure us that this is a real, um, “dish”: dill pickles impaled on a peppermint stick. “I’m from Houston, Texas, and I have always eaten them like that,” says Charbella. “My husband thinks it’s disgusting. My friend thinks I’m crazy but she is getting ready to try one.”

“I remember it well,” says femme noir. “Poking a peppermint stick into a pickle was common on the South Side of Chicago. We would use those big, kosher dills like you get at a deli. The popular brand was called Van Holten and they came in a little plastic bag. We would put a small peppermint stick down the middle. This was a very popular treat!”

johnna_oates assures us that this snack is perfectly normal. “I am from the South and I grew up with pickles and peppermint sticks,” she says. “We also did Now and Laters with pickles and Jolly Rancher sticks with pickles. People also do Kool-Aid pickles in which you put pickles in Kool-Aid and they change colors. You can get red, purple, and boring old green, and they are sweet and sour. It sounds nasty, as everyone looks at me crazy when I discuss this, but it is very good.”

Discuss: peppermint pickle?

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