Summer’s heat is in full swing, and you probably can’t afford the tank of gas to get to the beach or the lake to cool off. And you’re too environmentally conscious (not to mention cheap) to crank up the air conditioning. But it’s so hot inside the house, you feel like your brain is melting. You need some quiescently frozen treats, stat!

At 15 calories a pop and $4 for a box of 100, Otter Pops seem like the (un)natural choice. But you can probably do a lot better. The New York Times’ Minimalist, Mark Bittman, recently told us how to make paletas, and while the piece provided a nice template, when your brain is actually melting from the heat, you need more than inspiration, you need concrete recipes. The Tree Hugging Family blog has come to the rescue, with a post that includes “32 Unique Homemade Popsicle Recipes & Ideas.” With pops for kids (“glitter pops” made with colored sugar and water), healthy pops (sweet potato pops), and sophisticated herbal pops, there’s bound to be something here that will catch your fancy and can be made with ingredients you have on hand.

Don’t have an ice pop mold? SusanV at FatFree Vegan Kitchen notes that you can make a supereasy pineapple sorbet simply by pouring a can of pineapple chunks into a freezer container, freezing it, and then puréeing it in a food processor.

There are probably even some popsicle recipes around here if you look hard enough. Or a list of CHOW’s favorite frozen concoctions.

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