If you’re intrigued by the idea of eating charming cows that get tipsy on wine and moo excitedly to one another, you may soon (or eventually) be in luck. An Angus cattle rancher in British Columbia is feeding her cows red wine along with their grain, and the resulting product is both a novelty and, apparently, something of a flavor game changer.

Canada’s CBC News writes about the very mildly buzzed cows (which must surely qualify as at least somewhat happy, at least up until the post-slaughterhouse hangover): “[Janice] Ravndahl [of Sezmu Meats] said the beef produced in the wine and cattle areas of the region has an enhanced flavor, the marbling is finer and the fat tastes like candy.”

The CBC does due diligence on the drinking cow issue, talking to animal scientists, a cattle researcher, and a chef, all of whom sign off on the ethics, science, and taste of the beef, respectively. Chef Roger Sleiman of Quail’s Gate Winery Restaurant endorses the stuff as fine carpaccio fodder: “We’ve had great reviews from our customers. At first I thought it was a gimmick,” he said. “It costs a bit more but we think it’s worth it.”

Image source: Flickr member Jams_123 under Creative Commons

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