How about “peace in the Middle East” as a theme for a Lebanese restaurant? Nah—too hard to relate to, and fairly difficult to tackle from an interior design perspective. War in the Middle East, though, now we’re talking!

The BBC reports on the Buns and Guns eatery in Beirut.

Buns and Guns is made out to look like a military post and diners eat to the sound of gunfire instead of muzak.

Owner Yousef Ibrahim presents rebranded Lebanese favourites like the ‘rocket-propelled grenade’ (chicken on a skewer) and ‘terrorist bread’.

‘They accuse us of terrorism, so let’s serve terrorist bread, why not?’ Mr Ibrahim told Hezbollah’s al-Manar TV.

Why not, indeed. The restaurant, sporting the infelicitous motto “A sandwich can kill you,” is doing a booming business, pun intended. When it comes to packing a restaurant, a theme is a theme is a theme, apparently.

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