Alton Brown’s doing penance: That’s what the Good Eats star tells Grist’s Roz Cummins in an interview; according to the article, “his TV show would begin focusing on sustainability issues: how crops are grown and animals are raised.” Brown says, “I’ve been busy being clever, but now I want to use what credibility I may have to help people think about sustainability.”

Brown says, somewhat weirdly, that the police motto “to serve and protect” will be his new approach to cooking and eating. And then, when the topic turns to overfishing, the interview takes a truly strange turn: “Somebody needs to sink the Japanese tuna fleet,” Brown says. “Everyone’s willing to point the finger, but nobody’s willing to pull the trigger.” So Cummins—“[s]urprised by such a rash declaration, and wanting to present a more effective, lasting, and peaceful alternative”—asks him if he’d be willing to crew on a Greenpeace boat. “‘Yes! Absolutely!’ he answered.” Watch for it: Good Eats on the Rainbow Warrior, giving recipes through a bullhorn.

Also, we’d like to formally take note of the fact that the Live Journal blog We_Love_Alton, in a reaction that’s no less remarkable for being entirely expected, loves the Alton Brown interview. “[This] makes me love him all the more,” a contributor posts, linking to the article. And commenters agree! To wit: “Wow…just when I thought I [couldn’t] love him [any more]!!”

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