If the ecofriendly, organic, sustainable movement (yep, folks, it’s a movement) has a film chronicler, it might just be Rebecca Gerendasy. Along with her husband, Fred, she has been using her skills to document the story of average folks involved in farming, ranching, raising eggs, and growing organic crops, and posting it all on her website, Cooking Up a Story (which is also the title of the Gerendasys video series).

Former news camerawoman Rebecca films the segments, while Fred takes on the marketing and business development. On any given week they may be covering an egg collective in Portland, a restaurant that has started composting on a commercial scale, a monastery that makes its own artisanal mustard, or a farm that grows green beans to be canned. Each segment focuses on the people involved and is told in their words, from the software developer who decided to start grass-fed ranching with his family to the man trying to open a sustainable restaurant; the stories and people profiled are fascinating. Rebecca and Fred are doing exactly what they set out to do: bringing the people behind our food to life.

And they even have a YouTube channel. Check it out. The revolution may not be microwaved, but its stories will be told.

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