Judging by the success of Mark Bittman, people really like it when cooking instructions are simplified. That might account for the success of Keith Law’s blog entry “The Top Ten Home Cooking Mistakes.” Since Law posted it back in May, it has made its way around the blogosphere, most recently landing on Jason Kottke’s blog, and on the website MetaFilter.

As some bloggers have noted, the entry is slightly mistitled. It’s actually a list of 10 things you can do to improve your cooking at home, like get a good chef’s knife, learn how to brine, buy better ingredients, and cook by temperature, not time. The suggestions have led to inevitable discussion about what exactly umami is (funniest-comment award goes to dawson at MetaFilter, who wrote, “umami: the g-spot of flavor”), what makes a good cheese, and how to defrost meat. And, of course, bloggers and commenters have chimed in with their own tips. Kate Hopkins at Accidental Hedonist suggests investing in good pots and pans and an oven thermometer, for instance.

If you got a lot out of Law’s post, you may want to check out the similarly themed David Lebovitz blog classic “10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Cooking.”

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