La Campania is like a fine North End Italian joint plunked down in suburban Waltham. “The place does not look like much from the outside, but reminded me of somewhere you would actually eat in Italy (albeit a bit larger) on the inside,” says Gabatta, who seems to have lucked out, tablewise: “We were seated in the small nook next to the kitchen which I assume they use as a chef’s table. It was great as we could watch the kitchen through the window (which can open and close), but had a quiet and intimate setting.”

And what did Gabatta eat at this wonderful table? Perfect heirloom tomato salad, “simply prepared, but a standout dish.” Artichokes three ways, nice and light. Pasta with truffles, cocktails that were “well made, generously poured, and promptly refilled.” And finally, fresh figs: “This was a special for the evening and was also a highlight. Stuffed with just the right amount of Gorgonzola, this was one of the best whole fig dishes I have ever tried.”

Yow! Northender, another Campania fan, chimes in that the figs and tomatoes were indeed divine, and also liked the veal saltimbocca—”very good if ever so slightly overcooked.”

“We had a pretty nice bottle of wine, decanted and served just right, and the manager came over to discuss it because it was a somewhat unusual selection (Sagrantino),” says Northender. “We sat in the back near the wine room, which would be a great place for a group dinner. A nice suburban experience, all in all.”

La Campania [North of Boston]
504 Main Street, Waltham

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