We’ve already discussed the potential dangers of Teflon, which coats nonstick skillets. The safe alternative is to start using cast iron skillets, which are heavy and cumbersome. In the words of pregnant Sprig writer Jasmin Malik Chua, “those leaden behemoths can make for some awkward handling, even if you haven’t been knocked up.”

Chua is raving about Xtrema Ceramcor cookware for the safety-minded weaklings among us. The product’s press kit explains what makes it a healthy and ecofriendly option (link opens a PDF file):

Xtrema products feature a revolutionary and technologically advanced ceramic non-stick Nano-Glaze™ on the inside and outside of every vessels [sic]. This Nano-Glaze™ consists of 100% natural ceramic materials and is completely environmentally safe. The glaze will never emit gaseous or toxic odors (at any temperature), it will not be damaged by the use of metal cooking utensils, and will never peel or flake off into the food.

Chua adds that Xtrema’s not only nonstick and “free of those nasty cancer-giving chemicals,” but also nonreactive, bacteria-resistant, and—for those of us lacking in upper body strength—“feather-light by comparison” to cast iron cookware. Plus, it’s safe in the microwave and the broiler.

These pots and pans are priced from $39.99 to $149.99 and will be available to consumers at Ceramcor.com in early July. But if you just can’t wait to ditch your Teflon-coated pans, you can email the Ceramcor company heads directly at Bob@Ceramcor.com or Rich@Ceramcor.com, and they’ll take your order by email or phone.

Hope this stuff works better than GreenPans, which have been taking a drubbing on Chowhound.

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