Golden Garden has settled into a spot that hounds murmur might be cursed; home to a series of bad Chinese restaurants that left their taint on the site. “Maybe Golden Garden will break the curse!” says PinchOfSalt hopefully.

Early reports say: Ding ding ding ding ding! High up on the list of wonderful things are frozen dumplings by the bag, “that were (big statement) as good as Wang’s,” says StriperGuy. Pork and leek, pork and celery, and Chinese vegetable, with carrot, tofu, vermicelli, and cabbage, are equally fine. The skin is less chewy than Wang’s.

StriperGuy also had a lovely fried tofu with Chinese cabbage and spicy chile sauce: “totally amazing. Nice chew to the fried tofu … Swimming in rich chile sauce … 4 stars.” Lamb with dry chile sauce was surprisingly mild and tender, “soothing, rich, and perfect for a rainy day.”

The owners are from Dongbei and the menu contains interesting items not found on typical Americanized menus: snails, shredded potato, chile clams, steamed bacon, jellyfish.

Golden Garden [North of Boston]
63 Concord Ave, Belmont

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