Food bloggers are a generous bunch. They’ll make you a meal, send you homemade preserves, and each year band together to raise money for charity—the UN World Food Programme was the beneficiary last year. But this time the cause is a little closer to home: Food blogger Bri Brownlow, of Figs with Bri, is battling cancer, and her friends and fellow bloggers are joining together to help raise money for her medical expenses.

First diagnosed with cancer when she was only 28, Bri is now battling a spread of the disease. Insurance doesn’t cover all the fees, so her friends came up with the idea of a fund-raiser, figuring if 500 people donated just $25 each, it would cover Bri’s out-of-pocket medical costs for a year.

You can learn more about Bri on the Jugalbandi site, where you can also take part in the Click food photography fund-raiser being held this month in honor of her. A variety of prizes have been donated, from artwork to cookbooks to handmade textiles. All in the hopes of bringing a food blogger back to health.

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