Who doesn’t like pizza? I don’t know a soul. But how do you feel about making it at home? Best left to the pros? A quick read of Smitten Kitchen’s post on 10 Paths to Painless Pizza-making may change your mind. Deb, the lovely Ms. Smitten, puts the power of excellent homemade pizza in your own capable hands.

“But I don’t have a pizza stone,” you say—no problem.
“But I don’t have a pizza peel,” you say—no problem.
“But I’m scared of yeast, and I don’t have the time”—no problem.
“But I don’t have a kitchen, only a barbecue grill”—no problem.

Seriously, Deb makes it sound and look so easy you might just get hooked on this homemade-pizza racket. You might turn into someone like John Wilkin, who got so into pizza that he undertook A Year of Pizzas (don’t worry, that’s a pizza a week, not a pizza a day).

Say it with me now: power—whoops, I mean pizza—to the people!

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