Thai Me Up, Thai the Knot, Thai Riffic, Bai Mai Tai, Thai Ping, Thai Dye, Bow Thai … according to the Sydney Morning Herald story “Pun and Games,” all of these goofily named Thai joints are located in Sydney, Australia. The city is also home to a steak-and-seafood joint called Ewe ‘n’ Me and another eatery named Planet of the Crepes.

It seems that Aussies love them some puns, but the article is inadvertently riffing off a Chowhound thread that asks, “Does anyone ever not go to a restaurant just because of the name?” Hound goodhealthgourmet doesn’t like the sound of the SoCal sushi joint called Something’s Fishy, and JB avoids the unfortunately named Tony’s Toe-Main Cafe in Jersey City, writing, “I could not bring myself to patronize an establishment whose management suggested that ptomaine poisoning was a possible outcome of dining there.”

Fair enough.

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