“I’m always suspect of small restaurants with massive menus. How can they keep all those ingredients fresh? Well I’m still suspicious; but have been happily surprised by Eggplant, a newish homestyle Japanese restaurant,” says lil mikey.

There’s sushi, noodles, cooked fish, tempura, tofu, crispy rice, soup, and other prepared entrées. The food is fresh-tasting, and just feels healthier than the other Japanese options in the area.

Yellowtail sashimi is very fresh, and dressed to bring out the flavor and texture of the fish. Steamed sea bass is “cooked perfectly to a delicate flaky delight that nearly melted in your mouth,” says lil mikey. And yellowtail collar is a large bone with very tender meat that’s been grilled to a firm golden crust.

Eggplant [San Fernando Valley – East]
11266 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City

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