When is it OK to integrate drinking into your workout? Before, after, and during, says Matt Sullivan in Esquire, but he then sorta back-pedals by qualifying it with all sorts of circumstantial stuff, e.g., if it’s in the morning, don’t; some questionable advice that a “moving bicycle” is fair game for all three times; and that vodka soda is the right choice if you are going to drink during the workout. (Presumably because it’s the most like drinking plain water?)

I’ll add some advice of my own: Light, cold beer is superior to a cocktail if you are drinking during a workout. No juices, no mixers. It’s not sweet, and it’s got that bitter refreshing edge you need when you are doing sets of squats. And it’s sort of inevitable that you will drink after a workout if you go to the gym in the evening and like to have a glass of wine with dinner. In a group setting, like yoga, our etiquette columnist Helena Echlin says it’s best to abstain. But it’s hard to argue with the quote from David Barton of the upscale gym chain, which the New York Times reports has Svedka vodka–sponsored cocktail hours after some classes this month: “It’s better to work out and drink than to not work out and drink.”

Do you ever mix hooch into your workout routine?

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Image source: Flickr member Brett L. under Creative Commons

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