An excellent bowl of ramen can be found, for now, at the Geary Street café Caffeine on Friday and Saturday nights. Tabe Trucks is serving up ramen at the counter before launching its mobile truck business.

There’s rich, buttery chashu; firm noodles (the wavy, eggy kind); and perfectly cooked soy egg with a slightly soft yolk. The broth is shoyu-ish, leaning toward the chickeny side. It’s lighter and more in the Tokyo vein than it is at Santa or Himawari, says vliang.

Order at the counter, and take a seat—there are only about six tables. A bowl of ramen is $8, and comes topped with chashu, egg, bamboo, bean sprouts, scallion, and nori. You can get extra chashu and noodles for $2 per portion.

Caffeine [Tenderloin]
835 Geary Street, San Francisco

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