Get it while it’s cold. A chilled corn soup was the splendid high point of skigirl‘s dinner at Recette. Flavored with thyme and crowned with roasted foie gras (“what’s NOT to love?” skigirl asks), it was summer in a bowl. And when the corn is gone sometime next month, this soup will be off the menu.

Other highlights of skigirl’s meal included a starter that happily combined hamachi, uni, and harissa; a fresh, brightly flavored salad of heirloom tomatoes with burrata and a bit of broccoli; and two perfectly roasted scallops with carrot purée and red wine sauce. This well-reviewed restaurant has become something of a hound hangout since it opened early this year. Andrassebestyen89 says a well-chosen meal of four or so dishes at Recette is “an experience on par with some of the best tasting menus in the city, with altogether larger portions at a lesser price, in a friendlier environment.”

Recette [West Village]
328 W. 12th Street (at Greenwich Street), Manhattan

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