The famed San Francisco Baking Institute, where the bakers of Acme Bread et al. get schooled, opened Thorough Bread and Pastry earlier this year, and praise has been piling up. The baked goods—made by students at the institute—compare pretty well with those from Tartine Bakery, and the prices are a bargain. Not much of a crowd, either, and there’s a really nice courtyard in back.

The sourdough bread has a nice crust (often hard to achieve with this acidic dough); baguettes are great and a little fluffier than Acme’s product, notes Windy.

Ham and cheese croissant is on the light side, but with a crisp exterior and distinct flaky layers, says david kaplan.

There are other homey treats like brownies and sticky buns as well as fancier French pastries.

Thorough Bread and Pastry [Castro]
248 Church Street, San Francisco

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