A pasteleria is a Mexican pastry shop, and there are some treats that are always worth trying “even in a bad pasteleria,” says rworange. Cheesecake is usually good. It’s somewhat dry, like a Polish cheesecake, “which may be why I like it,” says rworange. Pasteleria bollos, the rolls used for tortas, are always cheaper and better than any supermarket roll you can buy. And empanadas (turnovers) filled with pumpkin and custard are usually good, although the fruit-filled ones are often filled with “gluey jelly,” warns rworange. Also, “always look for freshness since most Mexican bakeries don’t use preservatives.”

Eat_Nopal likes pastry horns stuffed with vanilla custard or blackberry preserves, as well as polvorones (shortbread cookies). And jodymaryk loves orejas (ears), which are flat, twirled, sweet, and crispy pastries with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top. jodymaryk also seconds rworange’s empanada recommendation, and adds: “I have had them with pineapple, custard, and tuna [but] not all in the same one!”

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