Artisanal bread is fabulous, but it’s a bummer when it goes prematurely stale. Baker Craig Ponsford
suggests a cut-and-store method for preserving bread; some people swear by their breadboxes; but my go-to technique is to throw it in a canvas bag, roll it up, and set it aside. Or, that was my method until I came across the Bamboo-bag. As the name
implies, this satchel is made from bamboo fibers, and it one-ups my canvas bag because the bamboo fabric is antimicrobial. I’ve used the bag to successfully store everything from bâtarde and ciabatta to challah and burger rolls. There’s a slingshot-shaped quiver for baguettes, but I’ve just broken down the bread to fit in the turtle bag and still found it fresh after days.

Bamboo-bag, $16

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