Boiled peanuts are the official snack food of South Carolina, says alkapal. They have a similar texture to edamame (Japanese boiled soybeans), although edamame have a flavor more reminiscent of green lima beans; alkapal prefers boiled peanuts. They have to be made fresh, from raw peanuts in the shell, and they need to boil for six hours, with lots of salt. But it’s worth it: “Better than caviar,” says alkapal.

For Chinese-style boiled peanuts, “boil raw, shelled peanuts with the skin on, preferably, in salted water and a few star anise,” says cimui. Cook until tender, about an hour, and drizzle with sesame oil, if you like. In Hawaii, boiled peanuts are also prepared the Chinese way, with star anise, says KaimukiMan.

And a last word: “Chinese boiled peanuts and some Rémy Martin go together like peanut butter and jelly,” says ipsedixit.

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