For a real Moroccan culinary experience, go to Simon’s Café. “If you want great food rather than the show and Hollywood-meets-North Africa décor, this is the place,” says FoodObsessive. “It is truly the best tasting Moroccan food I have had,” says Diana, who adds that the place doesn’t have belly dancers.

Chowhounds have been recommending the spot for years. howard81 praised the lamb tagine and Israeli salad a couple of years ago. lil mikey agreed about the tagines and added couscous to his list of “jewels” in the menu, a sentiment echoed by other hounds who have recommended the couscous royale (served with skewers of grilled chicken, lamb, and merguez sausage) and lamb tagine (a lamb stew, spiced with apples, cinnamon, and raisins, and served with saffron rice) in particular.

Simon’s Café [San Fernando Valley–West]
4515 Sepulveda Boulevard, Los Angeles

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Couscous at Simon’s Cafe in Sherman Oaks
Simon’s Cafe Moroccan
great meal at Simon’s Cafe in Sherman Oaks

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