A young Michoacán woman tipped off Eat_Nopal to El Michoacano for its enchiladas. But these aren’t your ordinary enchiladas: They’re enchiladas placeras, sort of a cross between chilaquiles and quesadillas.

The corn tortillas get quick-fried in a mild chile sauce to a nutty al dente state, folded around some Cotija cheese, and shredded cabbage, pickled jalapeños, crema, and pickled pork skins are piled on top. Eat_Nopal tried them “con huilota,” which means you get a whole quail, fried carnitas style, on the side. The thigh and breast are the texture of duck confit, while the rest is “so crispy you can eat just about all the bones.”

The menu includes a lot of pedestrian items, but there are other interesting choices, like bacon-wrapped shrimp with quail. And the basics are executed well, including the fresh and spicy salsas, and creamy, subtle, savory beans.

There are a bunch of Mexican restaurants in Santa Rosa, but the only others Eat_Nopal gets excited about are Antojitos La Texanita and Taco Max. At La Texanita, kare_raisu urges you to try the sopes and pescado zarandeado.

Restaurant El Michoacano [Sonoma County]
500 Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa

Antojitos La Texanita [Sonoma County]
1667 Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa

Taco Max [Sonoma County]
329 Coddingtown Center, Santa Rosa

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