Run by a superfriendly Lebanese Mexican couple, Wally’s Café draws its tasty, homey food from both the proprietors’ cuisines, reports rworange.

We’re not talking fusion. Most of the menu looks like generically Mediterranean dishes, but they’re prepared with Lebanese flair, like tangy pomegranate chicken, marinated in juice and Lebanese spices. It’s delicious with skordalia, a creamy, garlicky dip.

Mexico City–style tamales, not on the menu, have a light masa and tender stewed pork from a family recipe, says rworange. There’s “a nice touch of heat,” as well as a hint of what may be fennel.

Tilapia is always available, served either Mexican style, dredged in flour and fried, or Lebanese style, with tomatoes and onions. Pork chops are another constant, says Wally’s wife, Angelica.

The baklava is flaky and light, not too sweet; rworange also recommends the Lebanese coffee with cardamom.

The restaurant shares space (in a separate room) with the Bank Club, a bar serving up $3 Trumer Pilsner on draft.

Wally’s Café [East Bay]
3900 San Pablo Avenue, Emeryville

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