Rincon Latino, a little neighborhood grocery store, opened an eatery next door a few weeks ago, reports gordon wing, and has since added to its menu (which is now also translated into English).

The fried pepper quesadilla is “absolutely great,” says rworange. It’s a large tortilla folded in half around grilled onions and peppers, with “just enough cheese to hold it together” during its plunge into the deep-fryer. Crema, queso fresco, shredded lettuce, and tomato go on top. The green salsa is very good, the mild red not bad.

rworange also tried the consome de chivo (goat consommé) on the specials menu. The broth had hints of smoke, tomato, and black pepper, and there was lots of rice and chewy hominy. The chivo taco features meat that is “tender and not fatty.”

The house-brand tortillas contain some artificial “extras,” notes rworange, who recommends you opt for the Central American tortillas instead, if available, as they’re preservative free.

Rincon Latino [East Bay]
12851 San Pablo Avenue, Richmond

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