wayne keyser says kimchee is great instead of sauerkraut on hot dogs. AndyP agrees that it’s a “brilliant combo,” and JungMann points out that Chef David Chang has popularized the kimchee hot dog at an exclusive bar in downtown Manhattan. “They’ve become a highlight, even more so than the $18 drinks,” he says.

bitsubeats says that this combination is also the basis for a dish known as budaechigae, or “army base stew.” It consists of chopped-up hot dogs, Spam, potatoes, and “any other meat products that are lying around” thrown into water with some sour kimchee. You can also add ramen noodles, she says.

hannaone says that budaechigae is his sons’ favorite dish. “That crazy mix of processed meat, kimchi, veggies, and mandu is pretty good stuff,” he says.

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