Nick’s Cafe serves the best hash browns in the world, says ipsedixit. The potatoes are “shredded to a vermicelli-like size, then griddle fried to a crisp with no hint of grease, and then piled on your plate in a nice big round mound that reminds you of those old Chinese-American Cantonese chow mein dishes that came on a bed of crispy fried noodles.

“Topped with some of their housemade salsa and I could eat this three times a day, everyday for the rest of my life. Heck, I’d be happy if you buried me in it as well,” says ipsedixit.

The place used to be owned by an LAPD detective, explains Burger Boy. It was bought by a new owner about six months ago, and since then the food has been better and more consistent.

Other favorites: biscuits and gravy, eggs Benedict, chorizo skillet, and corned beef hash. Plus house-made jalapeño ketchup.

Nick’s Cafe [Downtown]
1300 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles

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