The Language of Food has only four entries (and the last one was written in 2009), but they are doozies. Author Dan Jurafsky is a Stanford professor who teaches on the etymology of food, and each of the blog posts (on ketchup, the word “entrée,” desserts, and ceviche), are interesting rambles, backed up with dissertation-worthy research. Once you’ve read Jurafsky’s blog, you’ll be hankering to take his class. Here’s the syllabus, just in case you’re not a Stanford student.

If all this whets your appetite for more think-and-drool pieces, the blog One Peppercorn is written by an erudite Londoner who plumbs the intersection between food and history. What happened to the once quintessentially American cheese Liederkranz? Why is it a mistake to label Bittman the originator of no-knead bread? Did the adjective “bridal” arise from “bride-ale”?

Via Metafilter

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