The Internet is littered with dead food blogs, websites once full of enthusiasm and goodwill, now abandoned due to time constraints or burnout. Occasionally I stumble on the corpse of a blog that looks interesting and I really wish the author hadn’t jumped ship. 365 Cheeses is one of those blogs.

The premise is simple: try a new cheese every day for a year. It might be pedestrian if the write-ups weren’t so charming. Witness the report on Cambozola:

Cambozola and I have had a strange past. Something about the pre-printed Bavarian-blue cheese label seemed too processed, a little too contrived to me. The name had a fake, manufactured quality to it. I thought of it as a stuck up girl in the cafeteria who had no real grounds for her airs. With that prejudice I avoided even approaching her to find out if my assumptions were correct. Finally, having taken out all the other local girls and needing a date for Sunday night I decided to give Cambozola a try. We hit it off swimmingly.

Granted, perhaps eating a new cheese every day for a year proved a bit too much queso to bite off (either that or the Penicillium roqueforti got him), but I’m a little sad Mr. 365 decided to hang up his cheese knives. The final entry dates from last fall, a short piece about Bartlett blue cheese from Jasper Hill Farm of Vermont.

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