Taza makes cinnamon-flavored Chocolate Mexicano bars that remind emily of Mexican drinking chocolate brands such as Mayordomo. However, the Taza version is stone-ground, organic, more refined, and less sweet than the packaged Mexican bars you can usually find, she says. It is good for eating, too, and “it still has that rustic quality with a crunch of sugar crystals and whiff of cinnamon,” says emily. A bar costs $3.95 from the Taza website, though emily paid $4.99 for hers.

Eat_Nopal likes it, too, and says that it actually does taste like drinking chocolate as prepared in Oaxaca or Tabasco. It has a “rustic, floral, herbal complexity” that you rarely, if ever, encounter in a packaged chocolate, says Eat_Nopal.

Board Link: Taza Chocolates/Artisanal Mexican Chocolate

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