Dean Sin World, in Monterey Park, offers a new option for lovers of xiao long bao, or soup dumplings, confirms Chandavkl. The modest former bakery space (look for the sign for Tastio Bakery) has been divided in half, and you can watch a woman making the dumplings and noodles through a window, à la Din Tai Fung.

“Not being a connoisseur of XLB, I’m not qualified to rate the product here, except to say that the XLB had the sweetest broth (‘hem’ in Toishanese) I’ve encountered and was extra juicy,” says Chandavkl.

There are only about four tables and a dozen chairs.

Nearby Giang Nan Inc also has great XLB; and Qingdao Bread Food, across the street, has excellent steamed fish dumplings.

The best fish dumplings, however, may be the pan-fried beauties at Delicious Delicious, says Chandavkl. Their jing do rou bing (meat-stuffed fried pancake), number 58 on the takeout menu, is also amazing, says TonyC, and the ma-la stir-fried peanuts that you get automatically are downright addictive.

Dean Sin World [San Gabriel Valley]
306 N. Garfield Avenue #2, Monterey Park
No phone available

Giang Nan Inc [San Gabriel Valley]
306 N. Garfield Avenue, Monterey Park

Qingdao Bread Food [San Gabriel Valley]
301 N. Garfield Avenue, Monterey Park

Delicious Delicious [San Gabriel Valley]
728 S. Atlantic Boulevard #103, Monterey Park
No phone available

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