I Paid: $4.39 for four 2-ounce treats (prices may vary by region)

Taste: 2 stars

Marketing: 4 stars

It’s always fun to award points for originality. Q-Bees are—brace yourself, this gets weird—frozen Rice Krispies Treats–style bars that are filled with a core of ice cream.

The story (as featured on the treats’ website) is unusual enough to retell, particularly as it’s framed as “the simplest of ideas.” It reads: “Danial [sic] Holzman (a four-star chef trained at Le Bernardin … and owner of the Meatball Shop in New York) set to work creating an all-natural, vegetarian, kosher recipe of only the finest ingredients that could be enjoyed by everyone. Project Runway creator, Eli Holzman [presumably a relative, who knows?], was inspired to combine two of his favorite desserts—crispy marshmallow treats and ice cream—into a seamless, delicious cube with a frosty surprise center.”

Seamless they ain’t. The texture is the most serious problem: soggy and crunchless. I would have preferred a thicker ratio of ice cream to crisped rice, too, but there are no doubt construction issues the producers had to contend with. (Gotta make it thick to contain the ice cream.)

The ice cream, at least, is fairly tasty. The smooth, rich vanilla complemented the not terribly marshmallowy rice treat better than the chocolate, which felt a little like it was fighting for its life. (Q-Bees also come in strawberry, which I did not try.)

If you’re looking to blow some minds at a summer barbecue, vanilla Q-Bees are probably a fine way to go. Otherwise, you might consider doing everyone a favor and serving bowls of ice cream—Rice Krispies Treat topping optional.

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