It’s Brew-Hoo-Hoo Time for Milwaukee

The possible loss of the Miller headquarters may leave Brew City, USA (that’s Milwaukee, folks), without a flagship brewing presence. Following on the heels of Schlitz and Pabst, Miller may be moving its corporate offices to an undisclosed location, spurred by the company’s merger with Coors. A “neutral” city such as Chicago or Dallas may be the next home of the beer megagiant’s HQ.

This will make the Brewers—the major-league team that plays in Milwaukee’s Miller Park—seem pretty damned anachronistic.

The Denver Post’s well-written story surveys the mostly pride-related potential damage of a Miller HQ departure, and serves up some fun stats such as this one:

What’s clear is that regardless of brand, Wisconsinites outdrink Coloradans. According to the Beer Institute, Wisconsin ranks sixth in US per-capita beer consumption at 38.3 gallons a year. Colorado comes in at a relatively sober 32.4 gallons, good for 20th place.

On Wisconsin!

Milwaukee, it should be noted, will still be home to Sprecher, one of the Midwest’s finest breweries.

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