Whilst seeking a Father’s Day present for my husbear, I stumbled across the ineffably weird perfume company Demeter Fragrance Library. Were you hoping to smell like Necco Sweethearts Conversation Hearts? Junior Mints? A gin and tonic (if I want to come home reeking of gin, I can do that quite nicely on my own, thank you)? Demeter also has a whole cookie/confection collection: cinnamon buns, ginger cookies, things like that. As well as colognes that smell like beetroot and lobster.

Food-themed fragrances aren’t that uncommon, of course, though raspberry and lemon are a mite more popular than your lobster scents. A company called Parfums de Coeur puts out a popular drugstore line of Body Fantasies sprays in such scents as cotton candy and apricot-honey. Lip glosses are another common product in which food aromas show up; you just weren’t cool without a tin of bubblegum-flavored Village Bath Lip Lickers in your disco purse in the ’70s. These days Jessica Simpson has a line of lip-plumpers in candy flavors (part of a larger line of treat-scented unguents), and the venerable Lip Smackers gloss company is still around, still hawking Coke-scented tubes of greasy goodness.

Food scents are invading the laundry aisle too, with pleasant products such as Downy’s vanilla and lavender detergent and Gain’s Apple Mango Tango.

Hungry yet? If you want your personal fragrance to be one of lemon meringue pie or Cap’n Crunch, take note of the experience of Kathy of food blog A Random Walk Down Grub Street (no relation to the New York magazine blog Grub Street):

I’m slightly wary of perfumes and cosmetics that smell like foodstuffs ever since I had a bottle of Joop perfume that was supposed to be redolent of apples. I think it was called All About Eve.

One of the first times I wore it, I was heading out on the town on a Saturday night. I swanned off down the street, delighted to be enveloped in such a heady scent. On the way to the bar, I bumped into my (male) flatmate, who was heading home. We chatted for a while and, as we said our goodbyes, he leaned in to give me a hug. ‘Jaysus!’ he spluttered. ‘You stink of cider.’

Slightly too redolent of apples, then.

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