Ruby et Violette, purveyor of fancy cookies, reopened this month after a lengthy renovation. “Woo hoo!” rejoices a_and_w, whose favorite flavors include champagne strawberry, lemon and white chocolate, and chocolate chip and blueberry. roze flipped over a marshmallow-filled cookie that was one of the best she’s ever had: “Chewy, moist, gooey, rich, all of it!”

10yrresident considers this place crazy expensive, yet a taste of the peach cobbler flavor (peach purée, white chocolate chips, graham cracker) brought a moment of cognitive dissonance: “Never in my life have I had such inner confusion while eating a cookie. While my intellect was firmly clinging to the belief that NO cookie in the world is worth $2.50, another part of my brain was slowly awakening to the fact that this was unlike any cookie I have ever tasted. The texture was masterful: soft yet somehow crumbly, moist but not gooey. The combination of flavors was unexpected and amazing. In sum, the cookie was both ‘comfort food’ and a gourmet experience at the same time.”

Downtown cookie-lovers who can’t quite drag themselves out of the house have come to count on Insomnia, which delivers fresh-baked cookies and brownies (with milk, naturally) to the dorms at NYU and a limited area beyond campus, from morning late into the night. It also sells its wares at a shop in the Village, opened just a couple of months ago.

Unlike Ruby et Violette’s, these cookies aren’t boggling any minds, but when hot—which they often are—they can hit the spot. The chocolate chunk, macadamia white chocolate, and M&M varieties have all won some hound love; the sugar and peanut butter, not so much. “I’ll forgive them for not having the best in town,” says kathryn, “when they come at a moment’s notice late at night.”

Ruby et Violette [Clinton]
457 W. 50th Street (near 10th Avenue), Manhattan

Insomnia Cookies [Greenwich Village]
50 W. Eighth Street (near MacDougal Street), Manhattan

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