Foumami has a name that sets Chowhound temperature to “mock”: “the name translates to something like ‘Food the Buddha would have loved,’ or ‘tastes the Buddha would have loved,’ but they’re 90 percent meat! The Buddha was a vegetarian!” giggles galleygirl.

But the Asian sandwich bar does have some intriguing options, which come off a little fusion-y, like the restaurant’s name. beb31 liked the seared steamed chicken sandwich, simple but good: chicken, cukes, lettuce, and cilantro. A squeeze of hot sauce (ask for a container if it’s a to-go order) improved matters. The chicken teriyaki sandwich is also worthy, word is that the bread is bakery-quality, and there are complimentary scallion pancakes out for the sampling.

Avoid the five-spice brisket, say a couple of hounds; it’s dry and tough.

Foumami [Financial District]
225 Franklin Street, Boston

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